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Elite Supports the Fisher House
Written by Elite Administrator   
Monday, 06 April 2015 13:47

On Friday May 15th Elite will be sponsoring a hole in the 7th annual Fisher House Golf Tournament.

Fisher Houses offer a “home away from home,” a place where families can stay — at no cost — while their loved one receives specialized military hospital/VA medical care. Fisher Houses allow the patients and families to focus on the healing process.

Venue: The Crossings Golf Course in Durham, NC

Time: Arrive by noon. Shotgun tee time at 1pm, with a boxed lunch served before.

Registration: $100 (note that $30 goes directly to the charity and is tax deductable)

Includes a $15 Taylor Made golf glove and a chance to win big prizes in a putting contest.

Freezing Temperatures and Inclement Weather
Written by Elite Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 January 2015 11:16

During inclement weather please note that the Elite Management Professionals office may be closed. Emails and voicemails will still be checked during business hours to be able to provide assistance to our Board members and homeowners. If you have an after hours emergency please contact our emergency line at 919-634-4545.

Freezing Temperatures

To avoid water pipes breaking due to the cold air, residents are advised to run at least one faucet in their home or business at a thin stream. This allows water to flow through the pipes and lowers the risk of broken water lines during freezing conditions. Unlike other liquids, water expands when it freezes. When water pipes freeze, the expanding water can break the pipe, and customers can be left with a thoroughly soaked house when the pipes thaw

  • If you haven't done so already this year, have a certified professional check your heating system
  • Don't leave children, elderly, or pets in cars alone
  • Insulate all outside pipes with cloth or a similar material to help prevent freezing. All piping in attics, including those to water heaters, should be protected as well.
  • Check to make sure the cover to your water meter fits tightly. If your pipes do freeze, you can use the valve inside the meter box to shut off all the water to the house, helping to prevent indoor flooding when pipes thaw.
  • If you have a back flow assembly on your water service line, it, too, may freeze with very cold temperatures. Insulate the assembly properly by wrapping or covering the pipe. Do not cover the bottom relief opening on the underside at the middle of the apparatus to avoid creating other flooding problems.
  • To reduce the chance of fire, avoid using flammable liquids to start fireplaces and do not leave a fireplace unattended. Most importantly, check your smoke detector to make sure it is working properly.

If you are cold outside, you pet is, too. If possible, bring outside pets indoors during cold snaps, especially at night when temperatures dip to their lowest.


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